Her Home & Family

Women 50+ are the primary purchasers for home and family – spouses, siblings, aging parents, children and grandchildren. BRANDfit advises many CPG manufacturers and marketers on how to best create the most relevant and meaningful ways to communicate value, provide quality and earn her trust when it comes to products and services for home and heart.

Her Causes & Community

W50+ are Magic Multipliers -- her word and deeds are as influential as her purse. No where else does this come to life as powerfully than when she advocates for the places she lives, the people she loves, and the passions that fuel her intentions, time and giving. BRANDfit works with many NFPs on branding, marketing and donor outreach strategies, as well as for-profit brands creating cause-based campaigns.



Her Health & Beauty

Welcome to “me” time! With kids raised and more discretionary income than ever before, W50+ have the time and money to indulge in lifelong desires, explore new interests, and live with a greater sense of well being. BRANDfit helps health and beauty brands Wow her with authentic, relevant representations of her best years yet.