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BRANDfit helps you spark connections and build relationships with the most powerful and influential audience in our modern marketplace, offering a platform for understanding her needs, preferences, and motivators through Strategic Workshops, Creative Services, Speaking and Research.

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Why Women 50+?


$19 Trillion

That’s the financial wealth controlled by Women 50+ today, and expected to grow to $30 trillion within five years. There is a staggering gap between the frequency of brands reaching out to W50+ and the power of this audience to purchase, refer and advocate for products, services and causes. 

Source:  MassMutual Financial Group

Are you reaching Her?



46% Won’t Buy Brands Because...

Many women stop buying a product because they don't like the way women are portrayed in an ad. But most brands fail to consider the psychology of women when it comes to designing products, communications and brand experiences. Applying these insights in all aspects of your business is key to building trust and loyalty.

Source: Femvertising Survey, 2016

Are you mirroring Her?


80-85% Influence

Women 50+ make or influence 80-85% of all consumer purchasing decisions, whether they are the end-user or not, including half of all products marketed to men. Yet many brands are leaving money on the table by undervaluing the depth and breadth of her influence. 

Source: Marketing to Women, Marti Barletta

Are you talking with Her?



2.5x Spend

Women 50+ spend 2.5 times what the average person spends, and are the primary buyers for big-ticket categories like travel, computers, cars, financial services, and technology.  Yet brands still vastly misrepresent Her in all major categories. 

Source: Primetime Women, Marti Barletta

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BRANDfit fuels growth through powerfully relevant marketing to Women 50+. Here’s how we’ve helped major brands fit in her world. We’d love to work with you too.


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