BRANDfit Strategic Workshops can take place over a couple of hours or a couple days and culminate in a Roadmap for Success Targeting Women 45+. Workshops give teams a passport from routine, providing an empathic environment for maximum collaboration using the latest tools, activities and conversational frameworks.


Need an all-in W45+ strategy? In this multi-day workshop, BRANDfit guides your teams to prioritize the right media, channels and messages to reach W45+ buyers and influencers, including:

  • Content Strategy

  • Channel Strategy

  • Cadence & Frequency

  • Community Management & Customer Service Strategies

  • Budget Allocations

  • Benchmarketing

  • Roles & Responsibilities for Integrated Teams

  • Tool & Dashboard Recommendations

BRANDfit Audio Feature:

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W45+ are a diverse and dynamic buying group where age and socio-economic status are just the tip of the iceberg. In this insight-driven workshop, we’ll help you identify the best segments to target, including how to most effectively:

  • Craft working personas to help your teams fully understand and anticipate her purchase patterns

  • Guide integrated communications with teams so everyone is walking, talking and sharing her language

  • Map out actionable ways to amplify your service experience to inspire clicks, purchases, repeats and referrals

  • Create a roadmap to help teams apply key insights and relationship drivers with W45+

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Benchmarking & Goal Setting Vertical.jpg

Set measurable business goals and create dynamic feedback loops to ensure W45+ data and insights are used consistently throughout your organization to drive loyalty, innovation, and growth. In this tactical workshop, BRANDfit facilitates a series of exercises to define:

  • Key Performance Questions

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Dashboard Configuration

  • Report Design & Development

  • Reporting Toolset Recommendations

  • Monthly Digital Report Design

  • Actionable Insights Mapping for Program Refinement and Continuous Improvement


BRANDfit planners specialize in Omni Channel content and channel strategies for W45+. In this interactive workshop, we’ll help you create and scale relevant brand conversations for on-going relationship-building:

  • Design a content strategy to support short- to long-term growth initiatives

  • Guide content themes for multi-channel touchpoints

  • Identify the most effective channels for your brand education

  • Help you establish policies for branded media to foster awareness and advocacy

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Does your workplace culture reflect your W45+ audience in ways that drive innovation, organizational excellence, and employee happiness? During this culture-building workshop we partner with your HR teams to craft human-centered practices that make a tangible impact on your organization:

  • Strategies for communicating in a gender- and age-diverse workplace

  • Roadmap for evolving social and technical tools to recognize, reward and help you recruit, promote and engage with W45+  

  • Ideas for creating healthy environments that foster whole person wellness and mindfulness to energize your workforce and your bottom line as you build communities to reach, inspire and support W45+