Brand Culture & Expression

BRANDfit Cultural Immersions are designed to foster a deeper understanding of Women 50+ to positively impact brand connections and purchasing behavior. We partner with your teams to identify key influences, motivations and trends that drive category growth, competitive edge, and consumer advocacy.


Brave New World

In the era of #metoo and #timesup, W50+ are more empowered than ever to express their values. In fact, 92% of women say they may support a brand just because it promotes and hires female executives. How does your brand fit into the new cultural zeitgeist? We’ll take you through the five most important practices you can leverage immediately.


Household CEO

Stewards of Home, Health & Wealth: Women 50+ nurture through gatekeeping the products and experiences that affect the health and welfare of their family, friends, pets and home. We break down the caring categories to explore how she gathers brand intel in the name of love and value, and expresses her views on your brand publicly and privately.


Go Small, Get Big

Mass marketing may not be your play. Here we’ll dissect the culture and influence of micro-communities for Women 50+ -- interest based social subcultures that have the passion and credibility to champion your brand’s culture, cause and values BIG time.


Share Your Values

Congrats! Your brand is thriving in the positive culture arena. Here’s how to establish policies for branded media and PR to foster awareness and advocacy of your brand persona, practices and culture.


Service Design for Her

From wearable tech to in-store merchandising, financial apps to automobiles, the savviest brands in the world are designing for the W50+ buyer. Are you? In this hands-on session BRANDfit inspires your teams to think about product design, UX, retail environments and the customer service experience from her vantage point. How we accomplish this:

• Facilitate ideation and creative thinking around needs, wishes and preferences.

• Brainstorm ways in which your product, service or cause might fill a gap, provide a solution, or surprise and delight her.

• Explore her mindsets, media and mantras to inform your policies, programs and operations to maximize both the power of her purse, and the capital of her community.